Tamási is situated 40 kms far from the lake Balaton, in the crossing of the mainroads nr. 65 and 61., in the immediate neighbourhood of "Gyulaj" forest and wildpark. The town has about 9.000 inhabitants, and it is an inhabited territory already from time immemorial. Tamási is the centre of its sorroundings situated 30 settlements (this is the so-called "Tamási-small area"). The thermalbath and next to the thermalbath built two holiday-areas with about 200 weekendhouses are found in the town in a beautiful enviroment. There is an elementary school, a highschool, and a technical school in the town. The tourism of the town above all connects with the thermalbath, which keeps open all the year round. There are more important events in the town every year, you can find the detailed information at the link "Programs".