Tamási is accesible:
By car: On the mainroads nr. 61. and 65. On the motorway nr. M7 leave the motorway by the exit "Siófok Centrum", then turn towards "Szekszárd" (mainroad nr. 65.) Crossing the bridge in Dunaföldvár on the mainroad nr. 61., crossing the bridge in Szekszárd on the mainroad nr.65.
By bus: There is a through bus for Tamási from Budapest, which departs (from Budapest) in the afternoon. The lines from Szeged, Kecskemét, Veszprém, Pécs also come through Tamási. In the summer buslines come from more town to Tamási.
By train: Between Budapest and Pécs. Get off in Pincehely, from where travel further 12 kms by bus to Tamási. Free transfer can be provided from the stopping-place of Tamási to the accomodation in case of travelling by bus and by train as basis of previous agreement.
Transfer from the airports (Budapest, Sármellék) and railwaystations (Budapest, Siófok) can be provided.